The development of key skills

Starting from the assumption that the methodological choices are aimed at the achievement of the key competences indicated by the European curriculum, our school, in planning the didactic paths, pays particular attention to the following indications:

  • act upon each child’s experience and needs

  • enhance each student’s experiences and knowledge

  • start from simple moving to complex, from tangible to abstract

  • point out the cognitive styles of each student, offering the possibility to take on disciplines approaching different methods of learning that can allow each member of the class to feel more confident and more aware of their strengths

  • go alongside each student’s pace of learning

  • activate recovery plans, shared with families, to enable the student to reinforce his or her knowledge on a specific topic

  • identify children with high cognitive potential, outlining a programme with higher objectives for them

  • encourage students to actively participate in class, both during a traditional curricular class and during laboratory lessons too: functional and cooperative learning is at the heart of OIS’s lesson planning and children have the chance to be the stars of their own learning experience

  • learn by playing: considering that children primarily learn while they are having fun, many of the teaching activities in our school, especially during the first two years, are introduced playfully; by playing games, each child memorises, uses logical approaches, cultivates creativity and imagination, develops insightfulness and initiative


Discovering the world through the school education

Our school promotes educational visits and field trips throughout the whole academic year. Taking part in school excursions is a fundamental opportunity for children to increase their enthusiasm towards something that they are learning at school, giving kids an opportunity to appreciate their surroundings, putting children in contact with multiple everyday life realities, visiting art galleries, museums, historical buildings and monuments, and relishing the extraordinariness of archaeological sites. The school trips program, established at the beginning of the academic year, is planned according to the educational goals and subjects within OIS’s curriculum.